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Who we are


VETNNET is the European Network for everyone involved in veterinary nurse training. We bring together colleges, veterinary associations, veterinary nurse associations, accreditation bodies and other organisations with an active interest in veterinary nurse training.

The aims of VETNNET are to:

Promote veterinary nurse/technician training throughout Europe

Work toward harmonisation and transparency of training curricula

Exchange materials & methods of training

Exchange teachers and students

Raise the profile of the veterinary nursing profession

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PEPAS - The creation of a Pan European Practical Assessment system for veterinary nurses

The Pepas project ran from October 1st 2008 - September 30th 2010. The results of this project are currently owned by Vetnnet. Pepas developed a practical assessment system based on OSCE's (objective structured clinical...

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Annual General Meeting (AGM). It will be held online on 16th of September 2022

The members  will receive the MS Teams link for the AGM on the day before the conference. Regardless of the serious nature of the AGM it is still an opportunity to say hello to each other and to have a…

Who we are

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Full member
Gjure Prejca 2,
10040 Zagreb
Contact person:

Ivana Blažić

Thomas More Kempen vzw

Full member
Kleinhoefstraat 4
2440 Geel, Belgium
ACOVENE – accredited programme
Contact person: Sophie Tielemans
Annika De Graaf


Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West-Vlaanderen VIVES

Full member
Wilgenstraat 32
8800 Roeselare

Contact person : Anja.Muylaert
Contact person :  Lara Simons
Contact person : Melissa d’Hondt


Full member

Address: Brussels-esteenweg 161
9000 Gent
Contact person: Larissa Pletinckx 


Associate member

Ceska Asociace Veterinarnich sester
U Obory 2, 40502 Ceská republika
Contact person : Veronika Benesova

Contact person : Jan Krecek

The Danish Veterinary Association

Associate member
The Trade Committee for Veterinary
nurse education
Peter Bangs vej 30
2000 Copenhagen Ø Frederiksberg
Phone: 45 42290037
Fax: 4547770077
Contact person: Lars Bloch

Hansenberg Organia

Full member
Skovvangen 28
6000 Kolding, Denmark
Phone: +45-79320100
Fax: +45-79320236
Contact person: Ursula Poulsen
Contact person: Dorte Windeløv

Veterinærsygeplejerskernes Fagforening - Danish Veterinary Nurses´ Union, DVNU

Associate member
Ramsings vej 30
DK-2500, Valby
Phone: +4535473617
contact person: Malene Brendorp Meyer


Full member
Valimotie 8, PO Box 151
FIN-00381, Helsinki
Phone: +358-207461515
Fax: +358-207461468
Fax: +358-207461385
Contact person: Kirsi Hallsten Karvinen
Contact person: Harriet Sandfors

Veterinary Nurse / technician organisation

Associate member
P.O.Box 99, Fi00131 Helsinki
Phone: 358408269499
Contact person: Minna Nurminen


Full member

6, voie d’Angleterre  - Miniparc de l’Anjoly Bâtiment 1 - BP 50034 13741 Vitrolles Cedex 

Phone number :  +33442931631

Contact person:
Gilles Floureau

Emma Khazri


ESAV Institut Bonaparte

Full member
Address: 64 bis rue la Boétie 75008 Paris
Phone number :  +33749546125


Contact person:




Irish Veterinary Nursing Association
Associate member
Address: 13 The Courtyard, Kilcarbery Park, Nangor Road, Dublin 22
Contact person:
Contact person: Diane Rockley
Contact person: Georgina Self

Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest

Full member
Dublin Road, Athlone, Co. Westmeath
Phone: 0906424545

Contact person:


Gillian Coughlan

Veterinary Council of Ireland

Associate member

Address: 53 Lansdowne Road, Ballsbridge
D04 NY29
Contact person: Eamonn Harrigan
representative: Niamh Muldoon


Full member
Via Gennargentu 20
00141 Roma
Phone: +3906-87182658
ph. Clinica: +3906-8182106
Contact person: Maurizio Albano

Vilniaus kolegija

Full member
Jasinskio str. 15, LT-01111 Vilnius
Phone number : + 370 640 47 661
Contact person: Ernest Kostenko

Aeres MBO

Full member
Barnseweg 3, Postbus 331
3370 AH Barneveld, the Netherlands
Phone: 088 020 6100
Vetnnet coordinator
Contact person: Annemarieke de Man

Full member
Parkweg 1A2, 7772 XP, Hardenberg
The Netherlands
Phone: 0800 2620700
Contact person: 
Nienke Dijkerman

Nordwin college

Full member
Postbus 878, 8701 BR, Leeuwarden
Phone: +31-58284655
Fax: +31-2846592
Contact person: Jacoline van Liere



Full member
Noordbargerstraat 75, 7812 AA Emmen,
Contact person: Hiske Pekelder

Mirke Bergman


Associate member
Secretary: Marion Nijlusing
p/a Oud Eemnesserweg 27
3755 MR Eemnes – The Netherlands

Renze Holwerda

Honorary member
Renze Holwerda

Douwe Algra

Honorary member
Contact: Douwe Algra

Alida Moene

Honorary member
Contact: Alida Moene

Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Full member
Postboks 8146
N-0033 Oslo
Contact person: Turid Hegerström
Contact person: Anne Torgersen 


Associate member
Skadbergveien 105, 4051 Sola, Norway
Norwegian Veterinary Nurse and Assistant association
Contact person: Jacqueline Tawse

Nord University

Full member
Box 1490
8049 Bodø
Contact person: Nina Ellingsen Høiskar
Contact person: Hege Meldal

Instituto Politécnico de Viseu

Full member
Avenida Coronel José Maria Vale de Andrade,
Campus Politécnico
3504 – 510 Viseu
Phone: 351232446600
Contact person: Carla Santos

BIC Ljubljana Gimnazija in veterinarska šola

Full member
Izanska cesta 10
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386-12803701
Fax: +386-12803720
Contact person: Bogdan Zdovc

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Full member
Dept of Clinical Sciences, PO Box 7054
SE-75007 Uppsala
Phone: +46(0)18673413
Contact person: Johanna Penell


Associate member
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
Belgravia House, 62-64 Horseferry Road
SW1P 2AF London
Phone +44-2072222001
Contact person: Julie Dugmore

Nottingham Trent University

Full member
Nottingham Trent University
Brackenhurst Campus, NG250QF Southwell,
Phone: 0115 848 8046
Fax: 0115 848 5295
Contact person: Alison Simpson
Contact person: Zoe Cobb

Guy Hancock
Phone +727 366 2022
Honorary member
Contact: Guy Hancock

Alida Moene

Honorary member
Contact: Alida Moene

Renze Holwerda

Honorary member
Renze Holwerda

Douwe Algra

Honorary member
Douwe Algra

Guy Hancock

Honorary member
Phone: +727-366-2022
Guy Hancock
Carol Schubert

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