PEPAS – The creation of a Pan European Practical Assessment system for veterinary nurses

The PEPAS project ran from October 1st 2008 – September 30th 2010. The results of this project are currently owned by VETNNET.

PEPAS developed a practical assessment system based on the Objective Structures, Clinical Examination (OSCE) system. This system is developed to assess the practical learning outcomes as described in the Dossier of European Competencies. This Dossier is downloadable from

The PEPAS  database  contains over 100 practical tasks designed to be used as either a training aid or as part of a practical examination.

VETNNET members wishing to use the PEPAS tasks purely as a training aid can obtain a password for the practical task bank by sending a request to the VETNNET secretary. Those members wishing to use the tasks as an assessment system will be required to sign an agreement with VETNNET which will allow access to examiner instructions and equipment lists for all PEPAS tasks.