Vetnnet Conference is postponed till spring 2022

The board decided to postpone the conference one more time. In September 2021 the on-line AGM is planned but the conference is postponed till spring 2022. 

We all hope for the best- that means that in spring 2022 there will be a live conference in Prague. We believe the “Digital Green Certificate” which will facilitate safe and free traveling within the EU will be fully ready by then and majority of the vaccinations could be carried out. And tests for traveling might be available for free.
But if nature goes her own way and a pandemic will flourish again, we plan an online conference. The conference in spring 2022 will definitely be held either live or online. 
When we have all important information from our host and the hotel we will let you know the exact date of the event. We plan to keep the program as it is, we find it very interesting and we hope no changes will be needed.