There will be excellent speakers on the VETNNET conference 2022.

You can find a list of speakers with short description in the attached document:

Speakers list conference 2022

Lisa is responsible for the day to day running of the Royal College of Veterinary
Surgeons’ Mind Matters Initiative, which seeks to improve the mental health and
wellbeing of the veterinary community. She has a background in mental health care
and is currently undertaking a MSc in Mental Health Research. She is passionate about
addressing mental health discrimination and stigma, particularly in the workplace.

Saskia Nab, DVM, MSc was born and raised in the Netherlands, where she
graduated in 1997 as a Companion Animal Veterinarian at the University
of Utrecht. Thereafter she worked in a large companion animal clinic for
21 years. As a veterinarian and practice owner she experienced how
important communication is, both towards a client and within a team.
Acting with a theatre company is one of her biggest hobbies and has been
since she was a student. To be able to apply these skills to her daily work,
Saskia completed an extra degree as a training’s actor. These new skills
allow her to creatively provide insight into aspects of communication,
collaboration, and management through role play.
Now she getsto use her many years of experience as veterinarian, practice
owner and actor in her new role as trainer and communication advisor by
St. Anna Advies. She is convinced that the opportunity for growth, for every
veterinarian, is unlimited and she looks forward to contributing to that.
Saskia lives together with Fred, the love of her life for almost 30 years. Recently they moved to Overasselt, a small
village near Nijmegen, where they enjoy the beautiful nature in the surrounding area.

Tessa (Angelina) Plagis, DVM, MSc was born and raised in the beautiful South
Africa, where she grew her love for animals, people, and adventure. Her first
adventure started when she moved to the Netherlands to study companion
animal veterinary medicine at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, where
her eyes were really opened to the diversity of opportunities within the
veterinary world. Since graduating, Tessa worked in numerous veterinary
practices in London and part-time as a Technical Policy Assistant at the
National Office of Animal Health. She also co-authored the ‘Cookbook for
Clienthusiasm’ with Roeland Wessels in 2019. Thereafter she made the
switch from practice to consultancy.
At St. Anna Advice, Tessa is responsible for the Veterinary DialogueTrainer.
She creates simulations based on real-life situations in practice and how to
deal with them. The simulations are based on evidence-based communication techniques and allows players to
practice their communication skills in a safe environment. The more veterinary professionals play the more
empowered they feel to tackle difficult conversations in practice with better outcomes. She also enjoys training
veterinary professionals on communication skills, helping them to explore just how talented, special, and valuable
they are.
Tessa’s latest adventure has been renovating an old house in the beautiful Nijmegen with her wonderful partner,
Siebren Wezenberg. They have worked hard together to turn a house into a home for their two very special British
Shorthairs, Hazel and Hector.
LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tessaplagis/

Alja Bordon, DVM, is a veterinarian teacher at BIC Ljubljana. She teaches theoretical veterinary subjects and practical
work. Alja is very much involved in final pepas exams. With her colleagues she works on the tasks, equipment, and
models. She enjoys working with motivated students who always cheer her
Besides teaching, her professional development includes being part of
different national and international projects and therefore she is looking
forward to her presentations at the Vetnnet conference 2022. She also
coordinates Erasmus+ activities at BIC Ljubljana and is therefore one of the
most active teachers on the international level.
Alja likesto spend herspare time active, preferably outdoors with her dog Zigi.

Drs. Daphne Westergeest, DVM, studied Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. After
graduation she started her career as companion animal veterinarian in New Zealand. One year later she moved back
to her home country, where she continued her work in a private clinic. She has
been especially interested in soft tissue surgery but have also been focusing on
marketing of the clinic. In 2018, after 10 years in practice, it was time for a new
challenge, and she joined Royal Canin Benelux as Scientific Affairs and
Communications Advisor.
Besides working as a clinician, she has been very active in different veterinary
organizations. As board member of the companion animal cluster of the Royal
Dutch Veterinary Association (KNMvD)she has been involved within the WSAVA
(World Small Animal Veterinary Association), which she has continued after her
term ended in various committees of the WSAVA and WSAVA Foundation. She
loves connecting with many people from across the globe.
As demand grew in the Netherlands for new/updated educational materials on
veterinary nutrition, Royal Canin Benelux joined forces with two big school in the Netherlands, Aeres MBO Houten
and Yuverta, to create a comprehensive educational package for teachers ready to use. It has been distributed freely
amongst teachers in the Netherlands and is very well received, which led to translation of all the materials in English
for global use. Introducing it at VENNET is a great opportunity to expand the reach of our education on veterinary
nutrition for veterinary technicians and she hopes it will be of great use for many of you!

Drs. Angelique Withaar, graduated at Utrecht university as a vet in 2001.
After that, almost eight years work in the veterinary practice followed (companion
animals and cattle). In the practice she worked they regularly had students in veterinary
nursing for an internship. That is how she discovered that teaching is something she
really loves. One thing led to another and since 2008 she is
a part of the teachers’ team in veterinary nursing at Zone College, the Netherlands.
Next to teaching and coaching of students she does work for the development of her
school curriculum and she is part of the international project Vet4VN.

After graduating as a veterinarian many many years ago, she worked in veterinarian
practice until few years ago. During this period of clinical work with different species,
she also became a teacher at the vocational education for veterinary nurse of Zone
College. Nienke has been involved in developing the educational program for VN’s. She
also has been working on constructing of national exams of different vocational
educations at Groene Norm last years. “The veterinary clinic and the profession of the
veterinary nurse changes very quickly, not even to mention the changes in habits and
interests of our students. I think it’s a challenge to keep the educational program up to
date, and suitable for our students. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to show
some games we made. Our students use those games to practice their theory and skills
in a relaxed and easy way.”

Tine Eleršek, DVM worked for the pharmacy company after the graduating as a
veterinarian but later found job at BIC Ljubljana as teacher of veterinary subjects,
both theoretical and practical. Students like his calm but also strict approach. He is
very much involved in developing models and equipment for practical tasks. For
example, he transformed ordinary plush dog into a model for inserting tracheal tube,
he designed a collimator used for x ray practicing… Beside rich knowledge about
veterinary subjects he is very strong in the field of computers and computer
programs. Many animations done by Tine are used by other teachers.
In private life he likes to spend as much time as possible with his family outside, in
the nature. Different activities give him energy to deal with his playful sons at home
and students in the school.