Venue info

Venue info

Thursday 19th and Friday 20th 2024 

 The address for the venue is HANSENBERG Organia, Vranderupvej 90, 6000 Kolding.  

The conference will take place in the Bistro both days.  

HANSENBERG is a school of vocational education and training, situated in Kolding in Southern Jutland at the east coast. Every year, more than 3,500 students choose to study at HANSENBERG in shorter or longer courses. We focus on the individual student’s learning, professional insight, and education. 

The school has three main addresses. 

At the address at Vranderupvej (in the countryside approx. 9 km from the city) the two departments Organia and Designia are housed. They provide the educations of veterinary nurse, animal keeper (zoo, laboratory animals, horse manager and pet shop), landscape gardener, agricultural programs (livestock cattle and aqua culture + organic farming) and farrier as well as media graphics, web developer and data and communication educations.  

The dairy farm, the horse stables and riding facilities, the dog kennel, the teaching clinics and laboratories, the zoo (which is home to approx. 45 animal species) and the forge are located here as well as the modern media house for creative media graphic artists and web developer. 

The other addresses in the city covers vocational educations such as gastronomy, waiter, hairdresser, fitness trainer, dental clinic assistant, electrician, truck and car mechanic, technical designer, blacksmith, carpenter, plumber and a few more. Also, the technical gymnasium is situated here.  

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