Pup4Life Project

Belgian veterinarians have been offering their support in the process of choosing a healthy and suitable new family member as they were regularly seeing poorly socialized puppies with health problems.

The project is called Pup4Life with the aim to encourage future owners to contact a veterinarian prior to buying or adopting a new dog.

The owners can download printable checklists to find their ‘’type of dog’’ and a questionnaire to assess the trustworthiness of the breeder.


FECAVA also supports this project and would like to make the checklists available on their website. They would like to call out for your help to be able to propose the checklists in several languages.

Click here to find the word documents for translation (translations are already available in French, Russian, Portuguese, and Turkish).


Pup4Life project members and FECAVA are thank you in advance for your cooperation.